We take care of you while you take care of your patient

Never lose a charge again. Never miss your timely filing limit.

Create and transmit your bill in few seconds without losing it

Step 01

Select your location

Step 02

Select a prescheduled appointment or a new appointment

Step 03

Create your super bill by picking codes from your favorites and/or by taking snap of patient documents

Step 04

Save locally or transmit the bill to server/cloud for your billing staff to process


VisitingDr give you an ability to create your visit locations, these locations can be hospitals you visit or nursing homes or it can be any other location you visit to see your patients.

In VisitingDr app, you can select any location to load your schedule on that particular location of visit.


You can see your day wise schedule appointments on a particular location and you can also add these appointments by yourself just by pressing add appointment button that give you ability to search or create patient on the go.

Swapping any appointment give you functionality to create your charge on that visit.


VisitingDr provide multiple functionalities to create a visit charge. You can select E&M code and it will remember your selection for that particular location. You can always change your code. You can select ICD10 and CPT from your favorites or there is a comprehensive search available to find ICD 10 and CPT codes. Attach patient documents just by taking picture or if you want to avoid hassle or selecting and typing simply record you charge details pressing mic button.

VisitingDr is seamlessly integrated with Siri so it has ability to translate whatever you say into text. That is how you add your visit notes in VisitingDr.

Integrated Siri voice recognition

VisitingDr can take your dictation using Siri. Press mic button on your keyboard and start dictating in notes field. Using Siri VisitingDr will translate your voice into text.

Voice superbill

Instead of coding or typing you can record everything and attach only pictures you want. Doing that will save you enormous time and your notes will reliably transfer to your billers.


In VisitingDr App you can attach patient document by taking picture. You can also record a voice as well. VisitingDr app will transmit all the attachments securely along with your superbill to cloud for your billers and staff to access.


You can create your own favorites list in VisitingDr. You can search by code or term in ICD 10 and CPTs. Favorites fasten your coding in charge creation.

VisitingDr Cloud

VisitingDr Cloud give your biller ability to access all the charges you have created during your visit in different locations. You can create your staff logins and your staff can manage schedule for you in the cloud— that will appear in your mobile app. Your patient can be created in cloud as well. Your staff or you can import your patient and appointment list from your existing PMS or EMR system into VisitingDr Cloud.